"Volny Chor" Foundation
On the basis of the "Volny Chor" public movement, the "Volny Chor" Foundation was established in December 2021. It is a non-profit public organization aimed at the creation and development of Belarusian civil society, support and popularization of Belarusian culture and its figures, preservation of the cultural heritage of Belarus.

On the basis of the Foundation, the "Belarusian School of Arts named after M. Ravensky" was created and is successfully developing.

The activity of "Concordia Choir" has resumed - the collective, which existed in Belarus since 2007, was forced to suspend its activities in 2020, as it was blacklisted due to the active political position of its members. Since 2021, he has revived his activities in Warsaw and continued his mission of developing and popularizing Belarusian choral culture. During this time, he has already become a participant in a number of international projects and festivals, as well as a winner of the International Choir Festival. Concordia Choir's activities are aimed at performing professional academic Belarusian choral music, building creative bridges, and creating new musical projects.

The "Volny Chor", which has existed since August 2020, continues its active work. The aim of the "Volny Chor" is to preserve the Belarusian choral song heritage, to express through protest music its active civil position, to deliver truthful information about the situation in Belarus, repressions, infringement of the rights of Belarusians and political prisoners.

During this time, the "Volny Chor" organized:
• a huge number of singing actions in Minsk in support of civil society; a series of courtyard concerts in Minsk
• concerts and performances on the squares of Warsaw, Bialystok, Wroclaw, Poznań, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Lublin and Berlin;
• online concerts: "Hodnyja pesni" (2020), "Kaljadny" (2020), "Dzien voli" (2021), "Mury" (2021), "Nie zagasnuc zorki u niebe" (2021), "(Nie) rasstraljanyja" (2021), "Kaljadny padarunak" (2021), "Dzien voli" (2022);
• Poland-Germany concert tours: July 2021, October-November 2021;
• recorded albums: "Hodnyja pesni" (2020), "Kaljadny" (2021);
• song collections "Hodnyja pesni", "Hodnyja pesni.Part 2" were published;
• released music videos "Vajacki marsh", "Zjamlja" (with Levon Volsky), "Heta my", "A hto tam idzie", "Pad dubam" (with NaviBand), "Hety shljah" (with S. Tsikhanovsky and Kosmas) .
• a series of concerts "We are together" was held in support of Ukraine in March-September 2022.
• the "DA/VOLI" festival (August 2022) was organized, which included a round table "Let's be Belarusians!", a cycling tour of Warsaw together with the "Tr-tr-travel" project, as well as a big concert of the "Volny Chor" in partnership with Zamek Ujazdowski.
• Concert in Bonn as part of the Beethovenfest project.

In May 2022, the Institute of Belarusian Culture InBelKult 2.0 was established - an organization aimed at the development and support of Belarusian culture in emigration; is an office that resolves organizational issues of both the projects mentioned above and new ones coming to InBelKult 2.0. from Belarusian cultural figures or collectives.

Our contact details:
"VOLNY CHOR" Foundation
ul. Działdowska 6, 01-184 Warszawa,
NIP 527-29-81-598, REGON 520718077
e-mail: volnychoir@gmail.com
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